Queen Elizabeth Park Upgrade Nominated for Award

The revitalisation of Queen Elizabeth Park has been nominated as a finalist in the 2023 Local Government Excellence Awards.

Along with giving the Penrose Park Picnic Train a new home, the project also saw new play equipment, accessible amenities, shelters, barbecues, paths, seating, and tables installed at the iconic location.

The project set up somewhat of a domino effect as the relocation of the Picnic Train created space for a new police station to be constructed, which in turn provided space in the former police station block for the new library project to go ahead.

“It may not be the biggest project in Australia, but we’re extremely proud of it, and the ripple effect it has had on our community has been enormous,” Broken Hill City Council General Manager Jay Nankevill told the media.

Council nominated the project in the Asset & Infrastructure category for projects over $1.5 million and population up to 150,000.

“We barely made the $1.5 million threshold, it’s a pretty big category and we’ll be up against much larger cities and projects from across NSW, but Broken Hill has always been pretty comfortable as the underdog,” Mr Nankevill continued.

“It’s been a great outcome and a credit to Council staff, the Machinery Preservation Society, and all contractors who carried out work in difficult conditions during Covid.”

The 2023 NSW Local Government Excellence Awards will be held in Sydney on June 1.

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