About Us

100% locally operated and independently owned. Celebrating our community and rich heritage for over 100 years

The Barrier Truth is the local newspaper for the mining town of Broken Hill, NSW and was established in 1898. It is owned by the Barrier Industrial Council and is one of the few remaining independent newspapers in Australia.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the newspaper has scaled back publication from 6-days per week to 2-days per week due to reduced advertising revenue. Hence, the newspaper masthead is now “Barrier Truth”, although the business is still registered as the Barrier Daily Truth, and past editions of the paper have that masthead.

Our philosophy is to deliver quality local news and content for our readership based in Far Western Regional NSW. We are a business passionately committed to our local community and have operated for over 100 years. We will continue to thrive as a regional newspaper while implementing new ideas, technology and content to attract a broader readership and increase our subscription and Advertising base.