CRC Congregation to Commission new Pastor

Sunday will be a momentous day for the Broken Hill branch of the CRC (Christian Revival Crusade) as the congregation prepares to farewell Pastors Wal and Joy Whatnall, and welcomes new Pastor, Jessie Heidenreich, who will be the first female pster for the Broken Hill branch.

CRC Churches International is an Australian Pentecostal movement that started in the 1940s, and Pastor Wal has been the local Pastor for the last 20 years. He will be joining the congregation in Red Cliffs when he and Pastor Joy embark on their next chapter after this weekend’s handover.

Pastor Jessie completed the remainder of her training under Pastor Wal, and had been introduced regularly to the local Church community.

“It has been my great privilege to serve and train under Pastor Wal and Joy these past two years, they have absolutely lived a life of service to God and in these last 20 years the community of Broken Hill,” Pastor Jessie said.

“There is wisdom that comes from doing ministry for as long as they have, and the entire congregation has benefited from it. My hope is that God would bless them abundantly and that their next season in Red Cliffs is everything they hope for and more and I am sure they will be a huge blessing to the Church community there,” she added.

Pastor Jessie moved to Broken Hill two years ago, and told the Barrier Truth, “we fell in love with Broken Hill, and I felt called to become a Pastor”.

“When my husband and I were younger, we had a sense we would move elsewhere from the Adelaide Hills, we looked at opportunities over the years and then this opportunity in Broken Hill came about.”

With about 40 people currently in the congregation, Pastor Jessie says her goal, “is to create a Church environment where anyone that wants to get to know God can come to the Church and explore their faith”.

She plans to hold more community events, which she says provide the opportunity to, “engage and bless the community in the future”.

The very first  family fun day, held back in April, is one example of her goal to connect the community to her Church.

Another goal that Pastor Jessie has in her new role is to, “continue to encourage existing church members in their faith, as well as new people”.

Sunday’s handover ceremony is open to the public, and begins at 10am for the Sunday Service, and 12pm for the Celebratory Luncheon. For those wishing to attend, the ceremony will be held at the Silver City CRC building at 466 Thomas Street.

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