The restaurant without a kitchen…

Line of Lode

After a tour of the new amenities at the Line of Lode, some members of Broken Hill City Council are wondering how you can open a restaurant without a kitchen…

“I did speak to the Crown Lands people last night and told them how important it was to make sure the kitchen was fitted out,” Mayor Tom Kennedy told the Barrier Truth following the March Council Meeting.

“You’ve got to make sure that kitchen is fitted out because if it’s not, you are not going to get the person that’s going to be able to operate that business as a success,” the Mayor said.

After a string of failed ventures at the restaurant site near the Line of Lode, the new look facility should present the perfect opportunity to get it right this time around – but the lack of a kitchen is clearly a concern.

“You’re looking at about $100,000 fit out the kitchen,” said Cllr Kennedy.

“Historically, no one’s been able to survive as a business up at the line of Lode. So, to put in $100,000 of infrastructure to open a business is a very risky take for anyone to take on.

“We don’t want to see any more people fail. It is up to them [Crown Lands] to get it right.

“Being the locals that live here, we’re more likely to know just what’s required up there to make it a success.”

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