Small Business Association hands over the reins

The NSW Far West Small Business Association celebrated an end of an era on Thursday night, officially handing over the Association to Broken Hill Community Inc over dinner.

Jack Dickson, whose term as Secretary of the Small Business Association finished on Thursday, said, “the Association has now handed over our membership list, the benefits that are associated with our membership, and our records and archives to Community Inc”.

“By handing over these documents, it means that Community Inc now has access to the discounts and benefits our members had received from different local groups and organisations over the last three years,” Mr Dickson added.

The boards of the two organisations, along with the President and Secretary of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber, discussed what the hand-over would mean for both organisations.

The Barrier Truth has been told the hand-over will also include the Association’s networks and external contacts, which over the years had seen strong relationships with MPs Roy Butler and Mark Coulton, the local Council, Greater Blacktown Business Chamber, and other groups that the Association had worked alongside.

Dylan Stone, whose term as President came to an end at the completion of the handover, said, “it was a great evening, to celebrate everything we’ve done with friends, it was a really special night.”

Committee member Natalie Haylett, who will continue to play a role with Community Inc, said, “it was a really happy night, to see the Association achieve all of its aims when the group first started, and to now see it continue in a different way, it means we are meeting the needs of our members, and responding to the needs of the community as those needs change”.

Mr Dickson listed the Association’s Model Industrial Agreement with the Barrier Industrial Council, the many regional Business Summits in Wilcannia and Menindee, resurrection of the Menindee Markets, collaboration with the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber, and networking with politicians and government departments, as some of the Association’s greatest achievements.

“We also played a significant advocacy role regarding council rate decisions, as well as Covid relief campaigns, preparing for the multiple Mundi Bash events, holding several Small Business Forums, and establishing the local Food Guide during the height of the Pandemic,” Mr Dickson added.

“When you look back at everything we’ve done, I don’t know how we had the time to do it all, but our Strategic Plans were certainly jam-packed,” said Mr Dickson.

He also pointed out the handover did not designate Community Inc as a business organisation, because Business Far West exists as the lead business organisation across the Far West.

“What the handover does mean is that Community Inc can now utilise the BizHQ program for the marketeers if they so choose, and all of our resources will be provided to Community Inc for the benefit of the entire community.”.

President of Community Inc, John Harris, told the Truth, “it was very helpful to meet with the Small Business Association board members, to discuss, clarify and better understand the possibilities of working together in the future.

“Clearly the Small Business Association did an amazing job for their members and we look forward to new members with ideas and energy to work with the current members of Broken Hill Community Inc to enhance the services we offer for community,” he added.

Leah Cutjar, the Vice President of Community Inc, said she “looks forward to the new challenge, that is to involve our marketeers as potential new business owners in the future. I am interested to see where this takes us.”

All local and regional small businesses are now urged to join Community Inc. Mr Harris says that prospective members can email Community Inc at [email protected] to begin the membership process.

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