Volunteer Dionne puts community first

As the inaugural 2DRY FM Radiothon wraps up, the Barrier Truth goes behind the scenes to talk to volunteer Dionne Devlin, who has been a member of the station for two years.

“When 2DRY FM held a membership drive after securing their first station manager, I went along with the family to hear about the stations’ plans for the future and to meet the community that the volunteers had built,” Ms Devlin said.

Along with her husband Brian, and child Faith, Ms Devlin registered her membership that day, persuaded by the positive work the organisation had planned for Broken Hill.

Ms Devlin, a former Community Development Officer for the Broken Hill City Council, and board member of both the local YMCA and the Far West Community Legal Service, immediately offered her time to complete some of the behind-the-scenes jobs that needed to be actioned.

“I try to help where they need it, the station is very busy with events and new programming, and I was on the programming committee for a short while, but I’m just assisting where they need it,” she said.

While she was on air for the 2022 Christmas Pageant, she laughed that “being on air isn’t my natural home”.

However, Ms Devlin does enjoy engaging with community, which she did at the racecourse campsite prior to this year’s Mundi Mundi Bash, promoting involvement in community radio.

Ms Devlin supported this months’ Radiothon because 2DRY FM “is so important to the community”.

“It’s a real community asset and provides all sorts of opportunities to the community including programs for young people,” she said.

2DRY plans to use money raised by the Radiothon to fund much needed investments to secure the future of the station for the next generation of community radio supporters.

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