200L chemical dump in Chapple Lane

A 200-litre chemical spill in Chapple Lane reported to Broken Hill Fire and Rescue last night around 7pm is believed to have been deliberately dumped.

Fire and Rescue Station Commander Don Peters told the Barrier Truth they were initially called by a resident to respond to a gas leak. Upon arrival, they discovered the smell of ‘gas’ was actually turpentine, which had been mixed with oil and allegedly dumped in the lane.

“The oil had run down the lane towards Chapple St, and because it looked like a deliberate dumping, we called police to investigate,” Commander Peters said.

Councils after hours on-call service delivered around two tonnes of sand to soak up the fluid and are expected to sweep up the mixture today.

“There was a strong smell which would have been uncomfortable for residents,” Commander Peters added. “There was a public danger for vehicles tracking the fluid onto Chapple St and Williams St, and the biggest concern was the potential environmental damage if the oil and turps had got into the creeks and the riparian area at the end of Bathurst St.”

Police are continuing with investigations and residents are urged to report any suspicious activity seen in the area yesterday.

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