Scouts take off for World Scout Jamboree

Kellie and Molly Molloy of 3rd Broken Hill Sea Scout Group have jetted off to South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree, with the mother-daughter duo the first from Broken Hill to attend the event to be held at a newly-built campground in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do.

The visit will see them join tens of thousands of fellow Scouts – young members and leaders – from some 170 countries.

Speaking to the Truth before taking off to Sydney on Thursday ahead of heading to Seoul for the August 1 start date, both Kellie and 15-year-old Molly admitted there was a hint of nerves, but above all, excitement at what the experience will bring.

“I’m so excited. It doesn’t quite feel real yet, but maybe it will when I get there,” Molly said.

Kellie added, “I said once we get to Sydney and we know we’re there and we’re at the airport with everyone else, just that excitement level, it’s going to be a real buzz for everyone involved and just seeing them all in their scarves and just even all the bags lined up because they’ve all got their matching bags. I think that will add to that excitement level for them all.”

The benefits of such an experience are not lost on the pair.

“Experiencing a different culture, I think, for me that will be the biggest thing,” Kellie says.

“I’ve never been there before and just experiencing that scenery and the cultural perspective will be amazing.

“Molly’s role and my role are very different. Molly will stay in Seoul and experience Seoul for a couple of days with the other Australian contingent, whereas I go straight to the campsite and do training. My role during the camp is to take kids on overnight excursions.

“I guess my biggest concern is obviously a language barrier. I’m taking these adventurers away and making sure that I make them feel comfortable, and communication will be the biggest thing to be sure of.”

For Molly – whose Australian contingent campsite will be across from those of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, and Costa Rica camps – the trip will allow her to connect with international Scouts and to be able to share in food and cultural experiences.

“It’s definitely the friendships that I will make. I know I’ll learn a whole lot and I’ll have these amazing experiences, but I reckon the best thing out of all these things is always making new friends,” she said.

While her activities are unknown while at the World Scout Jamboree, a pre-tour camp in Seoul in the days leading up to the Jamboree will see her enjoying activities such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, ziplining.

“I’d like to thank everyone that has helped me out to get this far, helped me fundraise with raffles, donut stalls, donations. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make it there without all the support I’ve received from everyone so thank you very much.”

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