Call for 10,000 Rehab Clinic signatures

If you want to see a rehab clinic in Broken Hill then get your name down on a petition being run by the state government’s Alcohol and Other Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation Steering Committee.

The nearest rehab centre to Broken Hill is 800km away but if the required 10,000 signatures are achieved a community-based withdrawal, detox and residential rehab service suggestion will be put in front of the government.

Establishing a facility in our region would pave the way for those grappling with addiction and provide them with much-needed treatment and the crucial support to enhance their health prospects.

According to the Steering Committee, “The cost savings to the health and justice systems justifies the expenditure to create a facility and the programs required to support people living with addiction who need support to rehabilitate”.

To sign the petition, click here

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