Giovanni & Co drives great coffee to the Hill

Broken Hill Coffee Experience

If you have been at a local event lately, chances are you’ll have spotted the Giovanni & Co coffee van. And if you have been lucky enough to taste the coffee, you’d have to agree you’d be hard pressed to find a better coffee in the Silver City.

The quality of the coffee is something van owner/operator Abigail Hughes is very proud of. She says the blend was not chosen on a whim, rather it was a result of an intense period of testing.

“We use a special blend from the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery. We went through quite a lot of different tastings, and really kind of knuckled down on this blend,” Ms Hughes told the Truth.

It is very much a family business, with Abigail often spotted serving coffee from the van with her mum, other times with husband Ian.

“Sometimes it is my mum, Susan, sometimes it is Ian. Especially if I haven’t seen him for weeks due to work, we have a work date.”

That’s not where the family connection ends. Ms Hughes’s father built the van and does any maintenance, and the idea is to eventually get the kids involved when they are old enough, with one eye on expanding the business.

“I’d love to be able to get my kids involved. They’re not far off the, my oldest is 10, so not far off at all.

“We really want to get involved in the community with our coffee and our brand, and if that’s [expansion] the way it goes, then that’s the way it goes.”

The Hughes family are certainly headed in the right direction. And when we asked what the most popular order was in the Silver City, there was no hesitation.

“Standard cappuccino, one sugar. And you all love your lactose free milk.” She laughs.

If you’re interested in a great coffee, the Giovanni & Co truck will be at the FE-FC Holden Nationals 2023 this Saturday at Sturt Park bright and early.

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