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Broken Hill Blood Donation Mildura

Semi-retired electrician Dietmar Mitek has been donating blood since the 1970s. With a universal blood type of 0 negative, he makes the trip down to the Mildura Blood Donor Centre as often as he possibly can.

Mr Mitek takes the NSW Train Link bus service, which departs on a Wednesday morning.

“The Wednesday bus is just the most convenient because the blood bank opens at 11am on a Wednesday. Theres a bus on Fridays too, but the blood bank isn’t open then.”

Mr Mitek, who is due to head back to Mildura to donate blood next month, says the process is relatively hassle free – if you aren’t afraid of needles. The digital age we live in means paperwork is a thing of the past, and after a brief check-up with a nurse – you’re good to go.

“Once you have answered all the questions on the iPad, you have a quick check with the nurse who makes sure you’re not on any drugs that will interfere with your blood supply, takes your blood pressure and takes a little sample of blood to check your haemoglobin, and then you’re ready to go.”

“Lifeblood collects and supplies blood and plasma nationally to ensure that all patients everywhere have access to the blood products they need when they need it,” Lifeblood spokesperson, Emily Garland, told us.

“One in three Australians will need blood or blood products in their lifetime, from babies to the elderly, for a variety of reasons. These can include cancer treatment, during operations, bleeding disorders and complications from childbirth.

“We are so grateful for the support of the half a million people who donate across Australia and we always welcome new donors. The need for blood never stops.

“If you are planning a trip to Mildura or Adelaide, please consider booking an appointment to donate while there if you can. Each donation can save up to three lives.”

To book a donation, call 13 14 95, visit or download the Donateblood App

The bus to Mildura departs from the Broken Hill Town coach stop at 6.15am every Wednesday and you can be back in town by 4.30pm the same day. Tickets start as low as $2.50 and can be purchased at

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