Be on the lookout for a silver Isuzu D-max

Stolen Isuzu with owner Nickala Salisbury of Blende St

Nickala Salisbury was woken by her dog barking at the front door at 3:10am Wednesday morning but when the sensor light didn’t come on, she didn’t think much of it, but when the barking continued with a higher pitch than usual, she took a closer look, only to discover her vehicle had been stolen.

The $75,000 2022 silver Isuzu D-Max (registration number EWF15V) with tinted windows and black tub liner vanished from the front of Ms Salisbury’s property about 10 metres away from the house in the early hours of the morning, but with both sets of keys (not fobs) still in her possession, she’s confused by how the vehicle could have been driven away.

“When the front sensor light didn’t go off, I didn’t think much about the dog barking at first, but then the barking went on and on with a higher pitch than usual – absolutely ballistic – so I looked out the window and saw a car parked in the street behind my car with the interior lights on, so I just thought that’s what the dog was barking at,” Ms Salisbury told the Truth.

“I’ve lived here at the north end of Blende St for 18 years – born and bred in Broken Hill – and I’ve received messages from other people who’ve had their vehicles turn up burnt out in the last few months,” she said. “We’d all like to know where other stolen vehicles end up.”

The eight-month-old vehicle that had only clocked up 7000kms was stolen with a full tank of diesel meaning thieves could potentially be 800kms away by now, or they could still be in the region, or even in the city, so residents are asked to keep a look out for this vehicle.

Tracking devices are commonly used by organisations in their fleet vehicles driven by employees. For people with access to the Find My network, Apple released a tracking device in April called AirTag which is designed to act as a key finder that can help people locate personal objects like bags and electronic devices, but also vehicles.

With police reporting a rise in stolen vehicles in our region over the last several weeks, they’re again reminding the community to report unusual activity 24/7 and to always lock cars and homes so that keys or fobs can’t be easily stolen.

To report a local issue, call Broken Hill Police Station on 8087 0299 to speak with officers. If you’d prefer to make an anonymous report, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. To report online, visit:

Barrier Police District Facebook page – EyeWatch at



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