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Telstra’s planned 3G network shutdown is on June 30 as 4G and 5G becomes the norm and so the telecoms giant is encouraging customers to update their equipment.

If you are still using 3G you’re at potential risk of not being able to make or receive phone calls or connect to the network.

Telstra says some 255 customers in the broader Far West NSW area are still using a 3G-only device, whether that be a mobile phone, boosters or smart antennas, or machine-to-machine devices such as Eftpos, telemetry, and medical devices.

Telstra also points out some customers may have a 4G enabled device but have locked their network setting to 3G only and so will have to change their settings to access the 4G network.

And while most home telephone services in Australia are provided through the National Broadband Network (NBN), there are 6500 remote homes, including 109 in the broad area near Broken Hill, where landline technology is delivered by Telstra using a Next Generation Wireless Link (NGWL), which uses 3G equipment to allow calls to be made and received.

“Over the past 12 months, Telstra has been reaching out to these NGWL customers to encourage them to upgrade their services to be 4G-compatible, but unfortunately the take-up has been slower than we had hoped,” Regional General Manager for Telstra in NSW, Mike Marom, said.

“There is no cost to customers to change over to a 4G enabled solution, but we need them to fill in some paperwork and place an order now to avoid losing connectivity at their homes.”

Telstra cites technology and customer usage significantly changing as part of the need for the 3G network shutdown, adding that traffic on the Telstra 3G network has declined significantly, and continues to as the company adopts newer and better technologies.

It says closing the 3G network will allow them to repurpose spectrum to support the 5G rollout and open the door to more digital opportunities.

“We know how important connectivity is to keep in touch with family and friends, and especially in times of emergencies,” says Mr Marom.

“For most of our customers, they won’t need to take any action as most modern phones are already 4G or 5G compatible, meaning they’ll be able to work on the new network as before.”

To help customers make the switch, 3G experts will be at the Broken Hill Telstra store – Shop 8/7 Gossan St – to speak to, and to offer ways to clear out old 3G equipment. Customers can also call the store on 1800 344 095.

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