Who gives a quack?

Picture: Eve-Lyn Kennedy

The domestic white ducks are being rehomed after one got a little peckish with a visitor to Zinc Lakes.

Several weeks ago, four ducks and a drake were dumped at Zinc Lakes.

They joined two more that had been at the lakes for some time.

RSPCA and RRANA were contacted by various people.

RSPCA said they couldn’t help as they didn’t have a local inspector.


RRANA have limited funds and they save injured native animals not domestic animals.

With one of the ducks going a little quackers and nipping someone Perilya had to do something so they called RRANA and made a special, one off request to help them solve the problem.

RRANA said they have limited funds and resources but decided they would help Perilya with this problem.

“We get calls all the time for dogs, cats, goats, sheep and when people call we direct them to the right place,” said Helen Siemens, RRANAs Macropod Co ordinator.

“We have had calls regarding the ducks and we know there are people out there that are happy to rehome one or two ducks,” she added.

RRANA will also rescue the two ducks that stay on the island at the lakes, one of which has an injured wing.

Stephanie Grieve is the RRANA Bird Co Ordinator and she will be looking after the ducks while they recover and find homes.

Ms Siemens said the numbers of injured joeys and other animals have decreased recently which is lovely.

Wildlife tend to do better when rain increases green growth and animals stay away from the roads.

There are a lot of native ducks at the Zinc Lakes and these are recent returnees.

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