What’s up and down in the mining sector

Do you usually gloss over when people start talking about share price and dividend announcements?

You may not realise that you have an interest in shares because many superannuation funds invest money in the mining and energy sectors.

Investors buy shares on a public stock exchange, and then if a company makes an annual net profit, they pay a dividend on those shares to the investor (similar to interest).

Let’s briefly look at what’s happening in the mining and energy interests in Broken Hill.

BHP is included because of its early relationship with Broken Hill and some people may be interest to find they delivered record dividends.


Please note that no English translations had been found for share announcements on the relevant stock exchanges for CBH and Perilya.


AGL Energy Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

They have operated the Silverton Wind Farm since May 2018 and also operate the Broken Hill Solar Plant.

AGL’s underlying profit after tax was $225 million, down 58 percent on the 2021 end of financial year profit.

Shares are currently trending at $7.410 per share and they paid dividends of 26 cents per share.

The Managing Director and CEO said that all of the energy sector was impacted by global pricing and constrained supply on the back of the Russian/Ukraine conflict.

BHP news

BHP Group Limited is listed on the ASX.

BHP delivered record dividends for its shareholders in the 2022 financial year.

BHP’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Henry, released the results toward the end of August.

“BHP delivered strong operational performance and disciplined cost control. To realise record underlying earnings of US$40.6 billion and record free cash flow of US$24.3 billion,” Mr Henry said.

The BHP Board declared a final dividend of US$1.75, bringing the cash dividend price to US$3.25 per share for the entire 2022 financial year, an increase of 8.0% from the previous year.

CBH Resources Limited

CBH Resources run the Rasp mine, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Toho Zinc Co Ltd following a takeover in late 2010.

Toho Zinc is a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange specialising in nonferrous metal refining.

More information about Toho Zinc Co Ltd is available at you may need to switch the website to English.

Cobalt Blue Holdings

Cobalt Blue is listed on the ASX.

Although not yet a fully operational mine, Cobalt Blue has been raising equity capital and recently issued an allotment of 2,507,468 shares to investors.

Investors took up 98% of the issued shares which were then converted into ordinary shares last week, raising a total of just over $11m before costs for the company.

Cobalt Blue’s share prices are trending around $0.80 cents per share at the moment.

Hawsons Iron Ltd

Hawsons Iron Ltd is listed on the ASX.

Initially, Hawsons offered 25,000,000 collateral shares to investors for $0.3531 to raise further equity, however market volatility meant that over time the shares available for subscription were condensed to 23,333,333.

Subscribers took up 17,515,000 or 75.06 percent of the collateral shares resulting in a capital raise of $5,566,448.

The company intends to seek shareholder approval at its annual general meeting to cancel the remaining 7,485,000 collateral shares which were not subscribed.


Perilya is 100% is owned by Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co. Ltd. (SZLN)

SZLN is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and is China’s third largest zinc producer.

In February of 2009, SZLN acquired 50.1% interest in Perilya.

Once, SZLN had acquired 100% of the shares the company was delisted from the Australian stock exchange in December, 2013.

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