Welcoming Change to Broken Hill

Brooke Files is the welcoming face of the Far West’s new Regional Development Australia (RDA) pilot program, being implemented in eight regional communities across NSW. This initiative aims to assist essential government workers with information and logistical support when relocating to Broken Hill for career opportunities and/or lifestyle changes.

Brooke is excited to be the Local Connector for RDA’s Broken Hill “concierge-like” service that’s been designed to support NSW staff working in government sectors – Health, Education, Police, Fire and Rescue, and Communities and Justice – with a smooth transition into their assigned regional community.

“The Welcome Experience is designed to help people to envisage what their life might be like in Broken Hill before they get here,” said Brooke when she dropped into the Barrier Truth office for a chat about program.

“My role is to provide all non-work-related information and contact details to essential services staff and family members considering a move to Broken Hill so they can make connections and a more informed decision before they arrive.

“Some people reach out to me because they’re thinking about relocating to Broken Hill for a career opportunity, while others may be after a complete lifestyle change from the city or from the more congested east coast communities,” said Brooke.


“People with children have a lot to consider before packing up their lives to relocate far away from family, friends, and everything familiar to them, so my role is to answer all their questions, to help them find solutions around housing, education and/or childcare, employment opportunities, healthcare and accessibility if required, as well as assist with social and cultural connections.

“Housing and short-term accommodation hasn’t been a problem for our program, but childcare is definitely an issue. We understand there’s no quick fix for this systemic problem, but we’ve seen Broken Hill employers attempt to be flexible for families with young children around work schedules.

“Let’s face it, any move is a big deal, and it can be daunting especially if staff are coming from another state or even another country.”

Brooke has lived in Broken Hill since 2012 so she’s keen to promote all aspects of the Silver City to essential service staff in other regions who are considering change.

“People are often shocked to learn that there’s so much to do around the city and around this region – I think I have the best job in the world because I’m helping people with essential skills needed in our community to feel more confident about taking such a big leap.”

To learn more about The Welcome Experience, call Brooke on 0438 993 430.

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