Tonky’s Tips – Round 13

In last week’s matches, North triumphed over West, while South demolished Centrals. Though North emerged victorious, West certainly left their mark on the game. Both sides showed momentum throughout, with players like Jayden Kelly returning to stellar form and James Lawton showcasing his skills as North’s ruckman. Cooper Oates, Jackson Savage, and Brock Ellis all had noteworthy impacts on the game. Overall, it was a solid match.

Now, looking forward to this week’s games, we have North taking on South and West facing the Magpies.

North vs South (Alma Oval)

For the North v South game at Alma Oval (in celebration of South’s old timers), it’s worth recalling the last encounter between these two teams. North initially took the lead but South quickly rolled away with the win. South’s playing style is exceptional to watch; their ability to suffocate their opposition and their elite kicking skills make them a formidable team. If North are to win, or at least stay competitive, it is crucial they apply high pressure around the ball and outnumber at the source. However, South are intimidating hosts, especially during old timer’s weekend. North will need to persistently attack and defend, but given South’s performances this year, I would have to predict a Roos victory by five goals.

West vs Central (Jubilee Oval)

In the West v Central match, West is likely to continue their good form from last week, which might pose a tough challenge for the Magpies. Key players to watch include Jackson Savage, Brock Ellis, and Josh Ceilslick for West, and Nick Devoy, Josh Hamford, Mitch Reberger, Sam Wilson, and Shane Lawrence for Centrals. Centrals’ defence, led by Jordan Gilby and the Campbell brothers, is solid. However, they need to balance their fast and slow play. West, on the other hand, plays a slingshot style game, getting their run through half back and the mids, and with players like Lachlan Harvey and Milne, they can influence the game. But considering their speed and ball movement, I believe the Robins will take this one. I’m going Cock Robins by five goals today.

Enjoy the footy everyone!

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