Wear It Purple Day at CUC Far West

Country University Centre (CUC) Far West will be celebrating Wear It Purple Day this Friday, teaming up with local organisations and inviting the community to the event at its campus.

Wear It Purple is a student-run not-for-profit organisation founded in 2010 which has developed into an international movement, and was set up in response to stories around the world from young LGBTQIA+ people of bullying and harassment towards their identity.

The day aims to foster a space to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion in a community setting, while raising awareness and championing role models to help young people feel supported, safe, and empowered in who they are.

“In our role in community, we obviously support a lot of young people studying in the Far West,” Centre Manager at CUC Far West, Sarah Rolton, told the Truth. “We do a lot of work with local youth and a lot of consultations and discussions with them and we identified an opportunity to celebrate Wear It Purple in the community.

“I reached out to Sophie and Abbie [of the local Rainbow Shoelace Project] to see if they wanted to become a part of a community event where we can obviously raise awareness, but also ensure that our centre is as inclusive and embracing as possible. It’s a really good way of showing our support, but also building that awareness and that representation in community.”

“It’s often isolating living here, and it often feels like I’m alone in that sense.”

Abbie Jane, who founded Rainbow Shoelace Project and has given away over 150,000 packs of beads all over the world since March 2022, says representation is needed more than ever.

“I think Broken Hill lacks representation quite a lot. It’s often isolating living here, and it often feels like I’m alone in that sense,” she said.

“But, with days like Wear It Purple Day, I just find it so important to celebrate because it gives other queer people a day to feel celebrated and loved. That’s why I was so keen to jump on board because I just think it’s such an amazing day and it needs more people getting involved.”

2Dry FM will be broadcasting from the event and mental health organisation headspace will also be there.

Visitors to the centre will have a chance to socialise and network – there will also be and drinks – take photos in front of a balloon garland, and take part in various activities such as pronoun badge making, bead packing, and banner making for the Broken Heel Festival.

The event runs from 4pm to 6pm on Friday, August 25 at CUC Far West (318-324 Crystal St). The ability to provide cash donations will be available, with all money going to Wear It Purple.

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