“We are What Glitter Sounds Like”

Out in the Outback radio hosts, Megan Williams and Tom Henderson.

Broken Hill’s Tuesday night airwaves just got a lot more fabulous with the voices of hosts Megan Williams and Tom Henderson discussing all things queer.

The duo launched their radio show ‘Out in the Outback’ on community radio station 2Dry FM on Tuesday.

The hosts say that the show is a celebration of queer people and culture in the outback.

The radio show hopes to build community understanding, by reaching out to those who have had similar experiences, connecting to people that may have questions, and generally creating more visibility in the broader community.

Mr Henderson said that he believes the show will bring a voice to the community “that hasn’t been there before”.

“For many people hearing someone on the radio that is a little bit like themselves can be a really special feeling.”

Mx Williams said they are excited to have a radio show celebrating the queer culture in the outback.

“Seeing other people out here being themselves very loudly and proudly helped make me feel like I could be here.”

Mx Williams said that when they moved from Melbourne to Far Western NSW, there was a period of observing to see how and where they would feel safe with how much they revealed about their queer self.

“Seeing Tom perform at karaoke and seeing the drag shows out here were big parts of making me feel safe.”

The hosts say that the show will be a place to discuss and share stories of identity, questions of comfort, influential songs and histories that have inspired them.

In light of International Women’s Day last Tuesday, the hosts discussed liberation activist and drag queen Marsha P. Johnson, whose involvement during the Stonewall riots of 1969 in America has been considered a transformational event in the gay liberation movement and integral in LGBTQ+ rights.

Mr Henderson said it is important to look at influential figures like Marsha and remember how different the world would have been without their actions.

“It’s always been that trans-women were some of the strongest people in the community. It’s nice to celebrate those women when we get a chance.”

Mr Henderson said that the demonstrations held during the stonewall riots really helped the trans women and queer community, who in 1969 were targets for violence and victims of violence from the Police.

“One brick in America has given us a whole hour every week on regional radio!

“it’s amazing the butterfly effect of this one act of bravery and activism.”

Mx Williams said that they expect listeners to have a lot of questions that people may want to ask members of the queer community.

“We have a segment called Queeries, so send them in.”

Host designated homework for next Tuesday’s show is to study the “entire discography of Diana Ross.”

To submit assignments, keep up to date and find out what happens in the ‘Nobody Appreciates Disco Anymore’ segment, tune in to 107.7 2Dry FM every Tuesday at 8pm.

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