Unofficial dump on common

Trash Planet - The Sydney Road has become home to its own unofficial tip.

It appears Broken Hill has an unofficial dump on the Sydney Road.

The dump is around 6 kilometres on the western side of the Sydney Road as you leave Broken Hill.

It appears the very large area, as seen in the aerial shot, has been used for some years.

The site is encircled by an access track, has aisles and contains new and old rubbish including DVDs, toys, computer parts, electronics and household goods.

Larger items include very old cars, a fridge and mattresses plus dubious substances that could be asbestos.


The Environmental Protection Agency has put signs on all roads leading out of Broken Hill informing people that it is illegal to dump rubbish on public land such as the common.

People can be fined for the unlawful transporting, acceptance and depositing of waste and that the owner, transporter and person receiving the waste or allowing their waste to be received are also committing a crime according to the EPA.

If the waste dumped is causing land or water pollution, this is also an offence: there is a fine of S120 for water pollution.

On the spot fines can range up to $7,500 on-the-spot fine for individuals if issued by the EPA ($4,000 otherwise) or $15,000 on-the-spot fine for corporations if issued by the EPA ($8,000 otherwise).

Recent amendments to the POEO Act have increased penalties for illegal dumping including vehicles used in repeat illegal dumping offences can be seized, and if the offender is convicted, can be forfeited and repeat offenders can receive prison sentences of up to 2 years.

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