Totem Skateboarding event rolls in to Sturt Park

Totem Skateboarding returned to Broken Hill to run a community event in Sturt Park on Monday.

Local brothers Ashley and Dylan Young demonstrated their prowess to the crowd that had gathered at the skatepark.

Totem skateboarding event organiser Nigel Cameron

Totem Skateboarding is a skating, coaching and event company run by twin brothers Nigel and David Cameron.

“We realised there wasn’t really much happening in regional towns for skateboarders and we wanted to help,” Nigel Cameron said.

The brothers travel around the State running these community events.

The brothers grew up in Leeton, New South Wales, when it didn’t have many places for people to skateboard.

Their mum decided to do something about the lack of a skatepark and formed the Skate and Youth Committee.

Together they fundraised and obtained signatures from supporters of a skatepark.

They raised $30,000 toward the project and helped the local council design the skatepark built in 2000.

Local brothers Ashley and Dylan Young demonstrated their skateboarding prowess

From that venture, the brothers gained skills on how to support local councils and how to work with councils.

The brothers started coaching skateboarding at age 16 and have been coaching for 21 years.

It wasn’t until Nigel Cameron completed a dual certificate in youth work and community services that he fully understood that the work they were already doing was really about community development.

That’s when the brothers started Totem Skateboarding in Sydney thirteen years ago.

Since starting the company, they have worked with about a hundred different councils.

We build the community around the skateparks by getting more parents involved at the skateparks and by facilitating and supporting what is already happening in communities.

Local brothers Ashley Young and Dylan Young demonstrated front scooter flips at the skatepark as part of the Totem event on Monday.

Both brothers have been practising their scooter flips with mattresses underneath them for some time before they felt confident to make the flips over a hard surface.

Ashley Young has been skating for about ten years, and it was the first time he’d performed one type of flip over a hard surface.

Totem Skateboarding facilitates skateboarding events and workshops around Sydney and across Australia.

They run competitions, demonstrations, in-school and after-school activities, private and small group coaching sessions, school holiday programs and community fun days.

“We love doing our job. Everyone we work with at Totem is as good on the skateboard as they are off the skateboard. They are just as good at the community development and youth support roles as they are at skateboarding,” said Nigel Cameron.

Two who work with Totem are Shaun and Nixon, both New Zealanders.

They have been invited by New Zealand Skate to enter the Rio try-outs for the Olympic Team.

Skateboarding made its debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan and has been provisionally approved by the International Olympic Committee for inclusion at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Residents of Broken Hill will be pleased to know both of the Young brothers walked away totally unscathed.

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