Tonky’s Tips – Round 12

We are well and truly into the depth of the season, with only three minor rounds left after this week’s games.

I would just like to clarify a point or two. Last week North were given a white card which was totally inappropriate as a white card – for all the readers out there – cannot be given if abuse is given from the supporters or bench. It was a wrong call from the umpire as not one word came from the North bench and it was raised after the game. Do we as a club know the rules? Yes we most certainly do.

Obviously the umpires do not know the rule as the umpires copped abuse from the opposition team’s bench who gave the North team a 50m penalty. In which it should have been a white card. That’s the purpose and the reason these rules are in place. Once again North cop it with no real reason as to why.

Anyway, we move on to the games. After saying all that I generally believe the umpiring fraternity has done a very good job overall this year if we can take those two mistakes from the weekend out.

North v West

This one is at the Jubilee Oval and North will gain some valuable personnel back and I dare say West will as well.

North got back to their brand last week and it was pleasing to see.  West on the other hand were belted again by the Roos who have belted every team this year on different occasions but I dare say this should not worry West too much as they need to put in a good showing against the Dogs.

It is really interesting when these two teams line up against each other as I don’t think there is any love lost between the pair.

Today’s game is another preview in regards to the preliminary final so today is another psychological battle and Westies would love nothing more than to beat the Dogs on their Old Timers weekend ,but I just can’t see that today.

I’m going to go the Dogs by five goals.

Central vs South

This one’s at Memorial oval. This game will be another tune up for South Roos as they are flying and keep destroying whatever is in their path.

Central still show good signs for me and what I saw in the Central versus North game was Central’s slow play was very good. They just need to turn that slow play into fast play more often and they will become dangerous.

South, on the other hand, have a solid brand, a solid structure and a competitive edge which separates them from the rest at the moment. But I really can’t see the Maggies competing to the end against the Roos because the Roos are a dangerous prospect, regardless of where the game is played.

Today I have to go the Roos by plenty but I hope the Pies show a great thirst for the contest.

I’m going Roos by 10 plus goals.

Enjoy the footy everyone.

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