Thomas Street hospital entrance remains closed

The Thomas Street entrance to the hospital will remain closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.PICTURE: Barrier Truth

The Thomas Street entrance to the hospital remains locked to protect patients and staff from the spread of COVID-19 according to a hospital spokesperson.

The one entry allows for the concierge system to monitor the visitors entering the hospital in accordance with the current COVID safe guidelines the spokesperson explained.

“Because the front door is shut the staff and the elderly who park out the front have to walk around the back,” Trish Watson, the manager of The Caff opposite the hospital said.

She said she sees a lot of people having trouble due to the doors being shut.

“Older people go to walk up the front or up the ramp and realise it is still shut and then they have to walk all the way around the back,” she said.


Weekends are also a problem she said.

“I’ve seen staff, especially on the weekend, have to bring patients from around the back to bring them to the Caff or to the chemist.”

The only five minute car park zones are at the Thomas Street entrance and so being able to run something into the hospital quickly is hampered.

People are still parking out the front she added, “The car parks around the back are always taken and it’s mostly by staff.  You don’t want to park on the garden like others do because you have to go up a gutter.”

The FWLHD COVID Clinical operations team regularly meet to discuss and assess COVID measures such as the entrance to the hospital and when the policy changes the public will be informed.

The hospital spokesperson explained the carpark closest to the hospitals main entrance has been reserved for the use of patients.

The health service asked for all visitors to park in the designated car parking areas on the hospital campus.

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