The Mundi Mundi Mudbash

Mundi Mundi MudBash

The Mundi Mundi Bash has turned into the Mudbash with 25.2 millimetres of rain falling in Broken Hill in the last 24 hours.

Many Bashers arrived in town to the news that the road to Silverton had been closed as had the road to Wilangee beyond the Umberumberka turn off.

The Silverton Road was not only closed to traffic but was barricaded with the traffic authority and police assuring no one went beyond Broken Hill.

Caravans had started backing up there at 10am on Tuesday.

Caravaners inundated the Tourism Centre with vans parked up to the TAFE Annex and overflowing the Tourism car park on the western side.

A tourist waiting on the corner of Brown Street and Silverton Road said, “We are just waiting to see what the next text advice will be. Apparently, there are 5,000 of us coming through Broken Hill today.”

Another tourist couldn’t believe the amount of water running through town with so little rain.

“We had to use four-wheel drive just to get out of the racecourse this morning, now we are trying to find somewhere to park before going out to the Bash. We’ve been told it should dry up quickly,” he said.

Desperate caravaners are ringing primitive camping places in town, at the last minute, with little hope of finding somewhere to stay.

The Mundi Mundi Bash attendees were being kept up to date by text messages from the organisers.

At around 1:30pm on Tuesday, Mundi Mundi Bash organisers contacted the attendees and said all people driving four-wheel drives could go out to the Mundi Mundi Bash area.

The sighs across the car parks in Broken Hill could be heard as an audible wave of relief.

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