The hounds are back in town


Having been racing in front of empty stands for the duration of lockdown, the Broken Hill Greyhound Racing Club is excited to welcome back patrons to the track tonight.

Broken Hill Greyhound Racing Club President, Regan Edgecumbe, said racing has been quiet in recent weeks.

“It’s been closed off to only the participants and staff,” he said, “so we’ve just been getting in and out, racing on race days to keep our dogs fit and all our trainers able to win prize money and keep their income coming.”

Edgecumbe said their restrictions are the same as most other businesses, as they’re restricted now to the fully vaccinated only.

“All children under the age of 16 can attend, but, again, they must be accompanied by a vaccinated guardian or parent and everyone must be signed in with the QR codes.


“They’re the main two restrictions we’re going to have. Since we’re an outdoor event they won’t need to wear masks. We’ll be abiding by the one-person-per-two-square-metre rule and they’ll need proof of full vaccination to get through the gates.”

Edgecumbe said being allowed to have patrons is a huge benefit to the club.

“Financially, it’s a relief for our club as we only race 23 times a year, so we only earn income for 23 days a year, and for the last eight weeks we haven’t been able to get any income at all into our club.

“But we still have costs and expenditures, so it’ll be great to see some people at the bar and the canteen enjoying a good night out.”

The first race meet with crowds tonight will see half a dozen races.

“Our racing will probably start about 7.40pm for the first race on Saturday evening, and we’ll have a race roughly every 20 minutes, so probably six races on the night.

“Unfortunately, we won’t have the TAB there this weekend – they’re not ready to return just yet, “he said. “So there’s only going to be the bar, the canteen and some good country racing. A good night out underneath the stars.

“We’d like to remind all our patrons to be respectful of our staff,” Mr Edgecumbe said.

“We understand the restrictions can be demanding on some people, but we’re only following Government and Greyhound Racing NSW legislations on our restrictions, so that’s the only thing.”

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