The Graduates – Kate Bolton

“Studying as a regional online student can be a very isolating experience,” says graduate Kate Bolton who can’t speak highly enough of the Country Universities Centre (CUC) support and presence in her learning journey.

“The CUC gives regional students the space and opportunity for collaboration with other students and peers which leads to greater higher-level thinking, communication, self-management, and leadership skills,” Ms Bolton says.

After graduating from Broken Hill’s CUC, Ms Bolton now works in the Early Childhood sector.

She graduated from Charles Sturt University (CSU) last year with a Graduate Certificate in Education (Early Childhood Leadership), and now supports educators and services to produce quality care and education.

“This is something I am, and have always been, passionate about and I am very lucky that I have been able to turn this into something I get to do every day,” she says.

Ms Bolton chose to the tertiary education route to add to her work-related educational requirements, and to upskill herself to be of more value to the services she works with.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of tertiary study, as I was able to take the experience and knowledge I already had and build on it, further deepening my leadership skills.”

Despite the lack of a permanent CSU campus in Broken Hill, Ms Bolton says, “having the CUC here in Broken Hill was instrumental in me being brave enough to take on post-graduate studies”.

“I knew that any study now would be very different to the first time I studied on campus at university and the support and academic skills I gained from engaging with the CUC was invaluable.”

It also allowed her to continue to live in Broken Hill.

“The city has provided my family with unique opportunities, that we may not have been able to have anywhere else, so it is a special place in which to grow up and live.

“Higher education is certainly a challenge, but it’s worth it as it not only enriches the person who undertakes it, but also the community in which they live.

“My advice to anyone considering it would be to go for it but make sure you engage with others, especially the CUC as it amplifies the experience with support and your own personal cheer squad exactly when you need it,” she said.

PICTURE: Kate Bolton. Tim Gimbert Images. 

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