Telstra network outage?

Several Telstra customers in Broken Hill were angry with the level of service they received from their devices yesterday.

An unexpected interruption to mobile connection presented difficulties for some community members to receive and make calls.

Miles Clothier, a local customer, said he was first made aware of the issues on Tuesday morning and didn’t think it would persist.

“I didn’t notice until I tried to order my coffee on the ‘MyMacca’s’ app and that was confirmed when I got to the store,” he said. “I didn’t think it would last too long.”

His service was disrupted late into the afternoon and left him uncertain on whether it would resolve.


The official Telstra website outage page stated: “Planned maintenance. We’re working to get service restored as early as possible” in the 2880 postcode.

The scheduled restoration date was published as Thursday, February 3 at 6:00am.

Mr Clothier was unconvinced about of the planned maintenance reasoning and expressed concern over the timeframe.

“I don’t think it was planned – I think they are just saying that,” he said.

“I don’t have a house phone so if I wanted to call anyone, I couldn’t. If there was an emergency no one would be able to save me.”

Other Telstra users in Broken Hill took to social media to give their thoughts on the issues they experienced.

“Mine is still down, if you can change your calls to WIFI calls do that, I can ring iPhones now,” a Facebook user posted.

“Mine is buggered…I even put more credit on cause I thought that was the problem…,” another wrote.

“Not working out south and I’m getting very annoyed,” a further comment said.

Some online users suggested the classic to on-and-off trick as the remedy.

Not all Telstra customers in the area experienced issues, with service also returning to others.

For technical support or to provide feedback, call 13 22 00 or visit

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