TAFE on fire with BBQ Pitmaster masterclass

By Stuart Kavanagh

TAFE NSW is adding a unique online course that is sure to be a big hit with dads across Broken Hill come Father’s Day – a BBQ Pitmaster course.

The Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass, to give it its full title, will be hosted by world-renowned multi-award winning pitmaster, Adam Roberts.

American style ‘low n slow’ grills have surged in popularity across Australia in recent years and indeed this particular style of barbecuing is the fastest growing sector in the BBQ market.

Mr Roberts, is the director and narrator of the acclaimed documentary Beyond the Flame and says he is delighted at the opportunity to share his passion for smokers, grills and specialist cookers.

And the opportunity to do it with Australia’s largest training organisation, only sweetens the deal.


“It’s all about sharing my love for food, friendship and culture with others and helping them learn a new skills and then share that with others,” Mr Roberts said.

“This course will give participants a baseline knowledge of cooking great food over fire and is a great starting point for those just dipping their toe in the water for the first time.

“Harnessing the reach of TAFE NSW will ensure more people are able to get the hands-on, practical skills to learn the art of perfect grilling and smoking.”

At just $149, we expect it to be a popular gift for dad come this Father’s Day.

To enrol or learn more about the Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass, call 131 601 or visit

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