Tackling water waste in Central Darling

Leakage Reduction Program

Central Darling Shire is one of 15 priority Councils in regional NSW invited to receive funding under the latest round of the Regional Leakage Reduction Program with up to $150,000 in co-funding available to assist in tackling water waste.

The program aims to help launch infrastructure projects targeting water loss and to increase efficiency, having so far saved an estimated 5.8 billion litres of water per year by helping fund new equipment, providing training, increasing resources, and supplying Councils with comprehensive tools to save water.

“This program has already worked with dozens of Councils to kick major goals when it comes to saving water, and now even more communities can keep the wins coming,” state Minister for Water Rose Jackson said.

The funding can help Councils benefit from new projects, training, and water-saving infrastructure by installing state-of-the-art equipment to better measure and manage their water supply networks and train staff on how to keep them running efficiently.

This equipment would include procuring and installing bulk meters, sensors, real-time monitors, and pressure-reducing valves. Funding can also help operators zero-in on leaking pipes by funding specialised detection equipment, including leak noise loggers, electronic listening sticks, and ground microphones.

“We know in regional NSW that an average of 15 per cent of water sourced from nature is lost because of leaking pipes or inefficient networks, which really adds up,” said Minister Jackson.

“This new funding is a gamechanger, supporting Councils to minimise water losses, upskill operators and help save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“At the same time, it’s never been more important to boost drought resilience across regional NSW as we prepare for a more variable climate, and this work has a critical role to play in locking-in a more secure water future for local communities.”

The state government offered the 15 regional Councils places in the program this month and is working with them to complete all the projects by May next year. For more information, visit:

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