Sunday surprise: A reminder to regularly clean chimneys

Residents in a house on Argent Street were surprised when they stoked their fire on Sunday morning; the chimney caught on fire.

The Broken Hill Fire and Rescue Service (BHFR) attended with the South Fire Service to extinguish the fire, which, if left, could have spread throughout the roof, taking the whole hose down.

The ceiling cavity was searched thoroughly to ensure the fire hadn’t extended beyond the chimney.

A local BHFR spokesperson said it’s important for people not to burn rubbish in their fireplaces as this builds up the soot in the chimney.

He said wood, kindling and a small piece of paper are all you need to start the fire and then wood should be used in your fireplace as it will burn cleanly, decreasing the amount of possible buildup.

The NSW Fire reports that to ensure your house remains safe, your flues and chimneys should be regularly cleaned, especially before winter.

Soot building up in the fireplace isn’t your only consideration.

Fireplaces need a fire screen in front of open fires to protect your family from ambers jumping out and children getting too close to open flames.

Wood should be stored at least a metre away from the fire and matches and lighters should be stored where small hands can’t reach them.

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