St Joes’ Grand Sweep

St Joseph’s Soccer Club has become synonymous with success in recent years within the Broken Hill Soccer Association (BHSA). However, in 2023, they have elevated their achievements by qualifying for every Grand Final, from the Under-12s to the Men’s A Grade.

Last Saturday, St Joes flexed their muscle to qualify for all the senior Grand Final’s and they did it with an abundance of players – something not every team can boast.

While it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, the Men’s A Grade team has weathered some player losses during the off-season. Nevertheless, the core group they’ve retained, along with some fresh faces, has poised the team to contend for the premiership title once again—a narrative consistent across other grades.

“The kids we have in the under 12s, they know their soccer and play it quite well. It is the same story for the under 14s and under 17s,” Jodie Callegher of St Joes told the Barrier Truth. She went on to add that the fact the kids have been playing together from a young age helps too.

“They know each other’s games, and how each other plays. They are used to paying together, and it is the same all the way through to the Men’s A Grade.”

Ms Callegher paid tribute to the vibes around the club as a massive part of their success so far this season. “We are a great club to be around, with some strong core friendships across almost every grade.”

As a slew of Grand Finals looms, we queried Ms Callegher on the possibility of St Joes clinching all the trophies.

“We can’t be too overconfident. Obviously, we’d love to have all the cups lined up, but we will just see how it goes on Friday night and Saturday. We will all go out and enjoy the game, have some fun and see what happens. “

Broken Hill Junior Soccer Association have their under 14 and under 17 finals on Friday night at O’Neill Memorial Park from 6pm, before the under 12s play curtain raiser to the senior finals on Saturday at 10am.

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