Tonky’s Tips: Grand Final edition

Dale Tonkin on the big AFL game…

This game will be a high pressure and whoever takes risk will get rewarded for it.

West will try this option. I believe the more risks they take will keep them in the game and South will be mindful of course that West have beaten them before.

But for me, South have been so connected and they work darn hard both ways, as they have proven this all year.

South players to keep I eye on are Marc Purcell, Jordan Holmes, Cody Schorn Arlen Bird and Heath Caldwell. All these players offer a point of difference.

Purcell is an in-and-under first touch player and very much a bull when it comes to stoppage play.

Holmes is a tall athletic player who gives them first use, along with Dylan Brown. Both can also kick goals and  of course Cody Schorn is just a goal kicking machine. He holds his space very well and is very good one on one.

Arlen Bird is an unsung hero for me, as he works the half forward line, knows his own game very well and plays within his own ability. He works extremely hard and connects the defence to offence.

Then you have the class on the outside in Heath Caldwell who can also go inside. He has great foot skills and finishes his work in the West camp.

West’s Brock Ellis has been the standout for me. Runs all day great skills and is extremely good overhead. Brock has taken his game to a new level this year.

Also, West’s Jackson Savage can be very destructive, with a beautiful left leg kick and he runs hard. If Jackson can turn himself into a 80m player he will be just about unstoppable and by that I mean take the game on a little more, give, and get back and carry the ball.

Josh Ceislick is the interceptor who reads the play unbelievably well and is physically strong, and Daniel Milne can change a game in five minutes with his ruthless attack on the ball and man.

Lachlan Harvey is a very dangerous forward who doesn’t miss much so there you go – both teams have danger all around.

But overall I think South have been more damaging for longer periods of time whilst West have their moments in which they need to sustain the pressure on the scoreboard when it’s all said and done and the smoke settles.

West will have a crack no doubt, but for me the South Roos finished on top for a reason and I can’t see them giving up a premiership.

West will give it everything they have and could cause an upset but for me South are too good, too strong and too connected, so I’m tipping the Roos to be the 2023 premiers.

Get down to the Jube and watch these two sides perform – it should be a absolute sensation.

Enjoy the footy everyone

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