South Australia declares Hawsons major project status

The South Australian Government has declared the proposed high-grade magnetite mine owned by Hawsons Iron Project and planned for the border area around65km from Broken Hill, an Impact Assessed project.

That’s the equivalent of being declared a major project in NSW.

A development proposal can be declared as an ‘impact assessed development’ in South Australia by the Minister for Planning if it is of economic, social or environmental importance to the State.

Managing Director Bryan Granzien welcomed the declaration by South Australia’s Minister for Planning, Nick Champion, in response to the Company’s recent application, given the range of significant economic, social and environmental impacts to be assessed.

“Significantly, this declaration reflects the importance and scale of the Hawsons Iron Project within

South Australia and its potential as the global steel industry aggressively pursue pathways to Decarbonise,” Minister Champion said.

Hawsons’ next step will be to lodge a formal development application with supporting information.

“The application will then be forwarded to the State Planning Commission to determine the assessment requirements for the company to address in preparing Environmental Impact Statements,” the Minister explained.

The South Australian declaration follows the Federal Government’s decision in April to renew the project’s status as a Major Project for three more years in recognition of its potential to supply high-
grade quality magnetite to produce low emissions steel.

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