Smells like success

Petrichor’s mini music festival, Smells Like Rain, ran across four days last week, with a strong crowd of locals enjoying hearing musicians from across the region and interstate performing a mix of folk, alternative country, and blues.

Co-produced by Petrichor and Bush Witch Productions, with help from West Darling Arts, Smells Like Rain organiser and performer, Aimee Volkofsky, told the Barrier Truth the response was overwhelming.

“We were we were absolutely blown away to be sold out and beyond capacity every night,” Ms Volkofsky said.

“We obviously have music venues in Broken Hill, but I think we’ve been missing kind of a small-to-medium-sized one, because a place like that really lends itself to more intimate shows. For people who write original music and might want more of a listening audience, it’s amazing to now have this space where that can happen more easily.

“Locals who came and saw what that space is capable of got really excited and inspired and I had so many people coming and telling me that they were excited about maybe writing some of their own songs again, or maybe wondering what performance they could do there which is really the kind of response that you want.

“All of the musicians who came, even if they’re not from here, they’re people who’ve had a connection here for a while and have been coming here and writing songs about Broken Hill and being influenced by it. It’s nice that they now have a space to bring those songs back to, and that people who visit Broken Hill and are inspired by it can kind of have a more immediate connection to an audience in Broken Hill itself.

“I think getting to sing tucked in amongst a historical place that feels full of stories, it feels like a nice kind of carry-on of a tradition that might have gone on in Broken Hill a long time ago. I think it’s pretty ripe to be formed by the audience that comes and the community that makes a home there.”

Petrichor is located at 313 Argent St and is open from 4pm-12am Thursdays and Fridays, 1pm-12am on Saturdays, and 1pm-8pm on Sundays.

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