Small Businesses of Broken Hill – In Conversation with Blake Thickett

By Dylan J. Stone

Blake Thickett is another young budding business owner showing that you can truly make it in Broken Hill.

Mr Thickett has been in business for 12 months, owning and operating BJT Cleaning. He says he found the transition into business ownership surprisingly easy.

“I have always worked in some sort of cleaning, from kitchen to rooms to motels, and so I thought what better way to start then try to do it on my own?” Mr Thickett said.

His previous experience in the industry he now operates his business in, told him Broken Hill needed cleaners around the clock, “because there will always be mine dust around”.

“Offering affordable cleaning in a town like Broken Hill which will always have dust is definitely an opportunity. There is nothing better than coming home to a nice clean house that smells amazing,” he says.

While there are several both larger and smaller cleaning businesses in Broken Hill, Mr Thickett found there was certainly room for his business to flourish, and as Broken Hill is expected to boom in the short to medium term, with new mining operations planned, demand for cleaning services will likely only increase.

One of the greatest pluses Mr Thickett sees in business ownership is, “looking back on big jobs and seeing what you have done. Seeing people’s faces all makes it worth-while”.

The ability to establish and build rapport with the customer, and the ability to set his own terms with respect to the standard and timelines of his service, all ensures customer service needs can be met in an efficient and effective way.

“As a new business owner, one of the greatest challenges of business ownership is the need to research and work out all of your tax and GST obligations,” says Mr Thickett, “so you can be organised and know what to leave aside for those upcoming obligations.”

Oftentimes, tax obligations aren’t clear for new business owners, and it can certainly be a struggle to identify the relevant tax rules applying to a specific business.

Mr Thickett urges potential small business owners is to do their market research and clearly identify the demand for your business idea.

“Don’t rush’ into small business ownership without having as much information as possible, and make sure you have a good cash back up, as it takes time to build a name and a reputation,” he says.

He also warns against opening a small business and believing , “you will make a quick buck, because it will not work and you will end up in a worse position than when you started”.

“Recognise that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ so, take the time to understand the market and demand for your business, and make sure you are truly ready to make short-term sacrifices for longer-term results.”

Blake Thickett has demonstrated an ability to open a new small business in an emerging industry.

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