Skate Park reopens

Bryce Milne and Kye Turley at a youth week event at Sturt Park last week. Picture: Andrew Lodiong

The skate park in Broken Hill is now reopened to the public after weeks of renovations.

Protective fencing around the park was removed early by the local Council to allow it to be used during the school holidays.

Council’s General Manager, Jay Nankivell, said it was the right time to open the facility to users despite still requiring some final aesthetic touches.

“Ideally we’d keep it fenced off a little longer to finish a bit of paving on the park’s edge, but we couldn’t keep it closed in good conscience with the holidays about to start,” he said.

“We’ll have an official ribbon-cutting later in the month and look to have a community open day later in the year, but for now it’s important we just let people use the facility.”


The new Skate Park was built with the support of the NSW Government’s contribution of $310,000 through the Stronger Country Communities program.

Mr Nankivell thanked skate park designers CONVIC, Council staff, and all contractors who had worked over the past four months to make the $800,000 skate park a reality.

“CONVIC have a reputation for creating extremely high-quality skate parks, and our facility looks like a fine example of their workmanship and design,” he said.

“I’d like to commend everyone who has worked on this project, they’ve had to contend with everything from storms and floods through to COVID, and still produced a great facility.”

Users are asked to keep off the grass immediately surrounding the facility and to avoid any fenced-off areas on the outer edge of the skate park.

“The grass still needs a bit of time to knit and we do have some small areas that still need some paving work, so we’d just ask users to be mindful of that,” Mr Nankivell said,

The new-look facility has been a big hit with many young people in town.

Local lads, Bryce Milne and Kye Turley, are some of the users who have really taken the revamped area.

“I think it looks good,” Bryce said. “There’s more ramps so people can spread out.”

“The surface is still slippery but that will settle down,” Kye said.

The pair took have been riding their scooters to the park to meet with friends and enjoy the upgraded park.

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