Silverton Pub’s Superstars – family and friends forge Mundi Mundi memories

By Dylan J. Stone

The iconic Silverton Hotel was flat-strapped over the Mundi Mundi Bash Festival, and it was certainly a team effort by staff, family, and friends of pub owners’ Peter and Patsy Price to ensure the pub was able to accommodate patrons over an extremely busy fortnight.

The Pub’s core staff members were on show to greet thousands of tourists on their way to Mundiville, but due to continuing staff shortages, Mr and Mrs Price called on family and friends from all over the country to help at the pub ensure meals, drinks, and souvenirs were available.

“My sister and brother-in-law, Chris and Barry, and another brother-in-law, Bruce, travelled from Melbourne to be here, and my daughter Michelle and her husband Chris, my son Paul, and other friends such as Chris and Trudy, Pauline, Fred, Kristan and Bernie also travelled from interstate to be here,” Mr Price said.

While some family and friends helped at the pub for a few days, others, including Barry, Bruce, and Chris, have been helping at the Pub for three-to-four weeks in the lead-up to the Mundi Mundi Bash.

“It’s been full-on since I walked through the door,” Bruce said. “It’s been great to be able to help out, it’s been like a holiday of sorts.”


Michelle and Chris regularly return to the Silverton Pub to help with special events – most notably the St Pat’s Recovery Day when Michelle hosts her Pimms Bar.

But this time there was no time for a Pimms Bar.

“Every time Chris and I return to the pub, there are just more and more people coming in for food and drinks,” said Michelle, while still running meals for a large table.

Patsy Price acknowledged the important help of her family and friends over the last few weeks, and said, “we just couldn’t do it without them.

We and our staff have all been so busy, so we certainly needed the extra hands that our wonderful friends and family were able to provide”.

“I think one of the best things about the Mundi Bash is just seeing how many people are coming to Silverton and spending their money at all of the local businesses,” said Chris.

“It’s great to see some money supporting local shops after a terrible two and a half years.”

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