Silver City Show shines on

PHOTOS: Noel Fisher

Side-show alley was alive with lights, screams of delight, and a bit of fairground terror too, as people of all ages took the opportunity to let their hair down.

The thrill rides were, of course, thrilling and a big hit – with long lines full of riders filled with anticipation.

Prices for most of these were $10 per person.

There was something for everyone, with children enjoying the teacup and some of the tamer attractions.

Food vendors were also doing a roaring trade with many attendees walking around enjoying potatoes on a stick and a show favourite the Dagwood Dog, but there were also chips, kebabs, waffles, pizza and fairy floss.

And let’s not forget the Show Bags – families strolled the Show with handfuls of the ever-popular bags, proving just how popular the return of this well-liked show feature is.

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