Kid-friendly screenings at Silver City

A trip to the movies – always a popular school holiday adventure – will be more inclusive for families with kids aged under five with the Silver City Cinema’s newest initiative, Let’s Play Sessions.

The cinema’s 10am screenings of Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie on September 29 and October 1 and 3, give parents and carers the chance to bring younger kids who might not sit still or be quiet during the film, to the cinema.

“We thought we’d do some of these sessions where it doesn’t matter how noisy the kids are, if there’s a little bit of dancing in the aisles, or there’s talking or anything like that, because everybody who comes to that session is in the same boat,” Silver City Cinema Manager, Logan Pascoe, told the Barrier Truth.

“We all know these sessions are a little bit noisier and rowdier than a normal movie, but those kids get to come along. And of course, those under five-year-olds that probably aren’t going to get a whole lot of entertainment out of it can still get to come in and watch the movie for free.”

During the sessions, the lights won’t be dimmed all the way like a regular screening so cinemagoers can still safely make their way around, and little ones aren’t intimidated by the darkness.

“We’re just trailing it with this,” Mr Pascoe added.

“Further down the track, we might do some more of these, which might be movies mum or dad maybe want to see that aren’t going to be inappropriate for children but might be more a drama or something that they’re more interested in watching.

“We might do something similar later on, but this is just a trial to see how we put it together, how we run it and what the feedback from the community is like.”

The Let’s Play Sessions aren’t wholly restricted to families with small kids however Mr Pascoe said cinema staff will let anyone who comes along know what to expect.

The Silver City Cinema is operating every day of these spring school holidays, except Monday, October 2, with sessions from 10am– 8.30pm.

“We tried to make sure we had the kid’s movie starting this week so we’ve got Haunted Mansion continuing for the older kids and we’ve got Paw Patrol for the younger kids and then we’ve got a couple of different movies that will play out over the school holidays for the teenagers, the young adults, or the adults,” Mr Pascoe said.

“Anyone’s welcome to come along and watch the movies – we’ll have fresh popcorn every day – and have a bit of fun!”

To view session times for the school holidays and to book tickets, follow this link:

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