Shining some light on city banner pole costs

Broken Hill City Council’s CBD Banner Poles Project has been completed, with the installations along the median strip down Argent St set-up to allow future implementation of several smart city packages, potentially including lighting, CCTV, Wi-Fi capabilities, and public speakers.

But the cost has ballooned. At the city’s full council meeting, councillors considered a budget review for the CBD Banner Poles – Argent Street Lighting Project, bringing the project’s total budget to $94,835 (excluding GST) – an increase of $41,820. The new lighting to be installed on the banner poles was approved as a 2024/25 financial year project.

Council’s reasoning for seeking a budget review is due to the design specifying 300-watt LED streetlights, which are a much higher light rating than the 120-watt light fittings from the original budget proposal, and that the lighting design consultant specified a model of light fitting that is higher specification and quality than in the original project submission.

“The banner pole upgrade is moving into its second stage. The next stage of that [is] putting lights in there to remove some of the street lighting in Argent Street,” General Manager Jay Nankivell said.

“Council voted to put an additional $40,000 into that, and that’s just due to project cost escalations as well as an increased lighting design to bring it up to the standard required for a CBD area, working with Essential Energy.

“This part of the project is just purely around street lighting. CCTV and Wi-Fi, it is capable of that into the future but we’re not putting that into play straight away. But this will be around that city beautification and the streetlights down Argent Street, as well as removing some of the Essential Energy poles that are actually non-compliant.

“The ones that are hanging off the facades of the buildings, they’re actually non-compliant now so they need to be removed. Rather than put them into the footpath, they might as well be on the banner poles down Argent Street. The new lighting design will increase the lux and the luminosity to a level that’s required for pedestrian and vehicle traffic down Argent Street.”

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