Roses are red, violets are blue

Shelita Buffet will be out and about on Valentine’s Day. PICTURE: BRENDAN BARLOW

It’s not all roses and chocolates, but love and kindness are more important than ever as we enter our third year of COVID.

Some locals reflected on love to the Barrier Truth, ahead of Valentine’s Day on Monday.

Lynette McAllister and her husband, Bill, met in kindergarten and started going out together when they were 16.

They have now been married for 53 years and Lynette loves his laugh.

“Bill does alot for me and sometimes I don’t even have to ask,” she said.

“I love him and I think that we’ve been together in another life.”

Local couple, Josh and Kristy, have been together since 2003 and married in 2012.

“I really love you, my Kas,” said Josh.

“18 years together and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

“You make my face smile, my heart race, my thoughts spin, and my soul glow.

“Nothing in this world has ever made me feel as complete as you do.

“I can’t wait to see how the rest of our life’s journeys play out together.”

Kristy was as unguarded about Josh.

“To love you so fiercely leaves me vulnerable for hurt,” she said.

“But you are worth that risk.

“I choose you.”

Local lady, Shelita Buffet, has been selling roses on Valentine’s Day for five years, usually starting at restaurants, then some of the pubs, depending on how many she has left and the time.

Her favourite story is about a couple at a restaurant who were on their first date.

Shelita returned to the restaurant a year later for Valentine’s Day.

“They were so excited the next year when they were engaged,” said Shelita.

“Everything started the night they bought the rose.”

Whilst Valentine’s Day is about romance, it’s not necessary to have a partner, according to Shelita.

“It’s still important to show love to everyone,” she said.

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