Retirement plan became retirement disaster

Arthur Bunny fulfilled one of the great Australian retirement dreams, buy a pub – then came COVID.

He says he bought Maidens in Menindee two and a half years ago and for the first year it was brilliant.

“It was great then in 2020 the virus stopped flow of people then we reopened, and the people came back,” he said.

Mr Bunny said this year people have not come back. It seems the fear factor of a couple of case in town has them staying home.

“Locals come in and may buy a carton and then go back home to drink it. Not as many are staying in the pub,” he said.


Mr Bunny said last year’s lockdown ended in the cooler months and so tourists returned to the area. This year it isn’t tourist time so there are no tourists and now the water authorities are talking about a possible flood.

“Like other Broken Hill people I would come up and go to the river and not come into Menindee, but it would be great if they decided to drop in and have a meal or buy a drink just to support locals,” he said.

Mr Bunny is hoping he can make it through the next four months for the return of the tourist season.

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