Renal care buses to transform access in Far West

NSW Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill (Centre) Executive Operations Offi cer at Maari Ma Health, Nola Whyman (Left) and Broken Hill City Councillor Marion Browne (Right).

Two renal dialysis care facility buses are set to transform access in northwest NSW to the much-needed health service.

NSW Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill said that she was delighted to make the announcement of one million dollars for two fully equipped buses and initial staffing.

“Our commitment is to make sure these buses are staffed, so they can do the job of providing the healthcare facility.”

“These buses will be able to move around to the communities in Wilcannia, White Cliffs and Menindee and operate out of Broken Hill as a base,” she said.

“People who are currently doing 400km round trips, from Wilcannia, will be able to keep that money in their economy, and use it to feed their children and deal with the cost-of-living pressures that are very real for every Australian.”

Senator O’Neill said that a Labor government is committed to health for all Australians.

“We are making sure people can get treatment on their country and have good access to the vital health service that they need to keep them alive.”

Executive Operations Officer at Maari Ma Health, Nola Whyman, said that as a primary health provider, anything that is going to make the lives for local communities’ members easier, and can be delivered in a way that community wants, is something that Maari Ma will support.”

“This is a 30-year discussion and it’s been that same discussion of people asking why we can’t have this in Menindee or Wilcannia so any service that is closer to home is going to benefit our patients out here in the far west.”

Senator O’Neill said that this is a signature Labor policy.

“Labor is the party that instituted Medicare, Labor is the party that rebuilt it on multiple occasions and Labor is the party that is committed to delivering access to health for all Australian, no matter where you are.”

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