Ready to play Siebler Park

Siebler Park on Rakow Street is now complete. Picture: Eve-lyn Kennedy

The teacher who carefully planted the original Siebler Park Oval at Burke Ward, Mr Siebler, (with the help of students) would be thrilled to see the oval brought back to its former glory.

“It’s great to see the oval looking so green and the kids were really enjoying using it for Friday sports,” Burke Ward School Principal Kate Hogg (“Boss Hogg” for those in the know) said.

Old students noticed the oval fell into a dry, dusty state due to the drought and it was feared it would never be the same again.

Ms Hogg strove to gain a dollar for dollar grant to pay for the rejuvenation of the oval and last year saw the laying of new grass much to the relief of old students some who had helped Mr Siebler.

“The original Siebler Park gate sign has been saved and placed next to the gates of the oval,” said Ms Hogg.


Mr Siebler and the Burke Ward students at the time also planted the trees along the front of the school.

Siebler Park is yet to have its official opening due to COVID restrictions but when it does old and new students will be thrilled to run or walk across the oval again.

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