Ratepayers reject raise

Ratepayers across the Silver City have collectively given a decisive ‘no’ vote when asked in a recent Council poll whether Councillors should receive a three per cent pay rise.

Mayor Tom Kennedy said although the issue is set to be considered at the September Ordinary Council meeting, there is not much to discuss as the people have spoken.

“I think all the Councillors will understand this result, they don’t do the job just for the money and everyone recognises that times are tough at the moment,” Mayor Kennedy said.

“I’m just glad that ratepayers have been given a say on the matter, and their feedback will be central to any decision made at [the September Council] meeting.”

The pay bump, originally suggested by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal, was put to a public vote, which was conducted via the Council’s bi-monthly newsletter, online and via post during July and August.

The results were resounding, with 323 respondents voting ‘no’ and 34 voting ‘yes.’ A common reason for the vote against Councillors receiving a pay rise was cost of living pressures and the fear that any pay rise would be passed on to ratepayers.

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