Rainbow fun for Father’s day.

Rainbow Preschool had a Stay and Play morning on Friday where parents could stay and play celebrating Father’s Day.

The Railwaytown mobile preschool and the North Mobile preschool also celebrated the event.

Parents, especially dads, had a lovely time playing with the children at the preschool and enjoying tea, coffee and doughnuts at the event.

Children enjoyed playing giant Jenga, giant Three in a Row and the ever popular trampolining with their fathers, mothers and carers.

There were also oranges as a healthy option for doughnuts but the doughnuts won on the day.


Kids had brought gifts through the preschool, bring a donation and buy a dad’s gift program and some dads said their children were bursting trying to hold back from telling their fathers what they had purchased and made for them for Father’s Day.

Happy Dad’s day to all the fathers, mothers and carers on D-Day.

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