People power – petitions keeping trains on track

South Australian resident, Myles Moriarty, is a man on a mission to get high speed trains on tracks around Australia, including the reintroduction of regional rail service between Broken Hill and Adelaide.

Creating nine petitions following his letter to SA Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Tom Koutsantonis, Mr Moriarty knows it will take peoplepower through petitions to put public pressure on politicians to get the high-speed rail network off the drawing-board and on the ground.

“The positive impact of these initiatives on our local community and the broader Australian landscape cannot be understated but we need to move politicians along because the high-speed rail network for Australia has been talked about for the last 40 years, with still no action,” Mr Moriarty told the Truth this week.

“It’s crucial that the reintroduction of regional rail services connecting Broken Hill to Adelaide goes ahead as it holds immense value on several fronts.

“It not only addresses climate concerns by promoting a more sustainable mode of transportation, but also enhances road safety, a vital consideration in our vast and dynamic region. Moreover, this connectivity is pivotal for the growth and prosperity of the towns enroute, including Cockburn, Peterborough, Crystal Brook, Port Pirie, and Terowie. It represents an opportunity for fostering economic development and bolstering regional connectivity.

Petition for reintroduction of regional passenger rail service between Broken Hill and Adelaide here:



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