Pageant’s Back, Broken Hill!

With the festive season around the corner, Broken Hill locals are urged to start nominating their floats and stalls as Council prepares for the yearly Christmas Pageant and subsequent afterparty in Sturt Park.

Council’s Community Development Coordinator, Rachel Merton, is optimistic about community involvement this year, especially from local businesses and groups. “Prior to the pandemic, the Christmas Pageant was strongly supported in the community, and we were seeing record numbers in registrations for floats,” Merton stated.

Merton also touched on the broader societal concerns that make such communal events vital. “A lot of families are doing it tough at the moment due to the cost of living, so it would be wonderful for the community to come together and ensure we have a great free event for everyone to enjoy,” she said.

To make the grand event a success, early nominations are being welcomed. “It’s a huge event to coordinate, and early nominations are always greatly appreciated to help us organise the day,” urged Ms Merton. She also clarified that floats do not have to be ready at the time of nomination: “You don’t necessarily have to have your float ready, just get that nomination in by November 17 so we can save you a spot in the motorcade or at the afterparty.”

The 2023 Christmas Pageant is set to take place on Saturday, 2nd December. The parade itself will kick off at 6pm, followed by an afterparty in Sturt Park at 6:30pm. Attendees can look forward to an array of stalls, child-friendly activities, and a special guest appearance from Santa Claus.

For those interested in registering, the form for floats, stalls, and sponsors is available in the ‘forms’ section of the Council’s website, Simply search for “Christmas pageant” on the Council’s homepage to locate the necessary information. Alternatively, Broken Hill residents can reach out to the Community Development team via email at [email protected].

As the Council and community pull together to make this a festive season to remember, Broken Hill locals are invited to play their part in a cherished Christmas tradition.


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