Outback Emus raise funds for junior sporting

Back in the late summer of 1991, a squad of Australian amateur cricketers called the Outback Emus went on a tour of England.

The idea was to play 10 matches and test their skills against the Old Enemy.

Little did they know then, they’d go on to form a charity that would raise more than $200,000 for junior sporting clubs across Broken Hill and the surrounding region.

So far the group has raised a grand total of $215,000 through 825 individual donations over the years, all of which has gone to either sporting clubs, or individuals who have shown excellence in their specific field.

The Emus’ Pursuit of Excellence in Sport award has helped numerous sporting identities take the next step in their sporting development.

Some notable people given the award include women’s cricketer Sam Betts, Aussie rules star Mitch Henderson, and swimmers Ellysia Oldsen and Kalyce Pressler.

It’s rare that the Outback Emus cannot help.

Whether it is an organisation or an individual, the Emus always go the extra yard.

“Most that apply will get something, in some way.

It is rare that we knock back any requests,” Emus’ spokesperson Ross Clarke told us.

Outside of sporting clubs and individuals, the Emus have an unofficial partnership with the Barrier Primary School Sports Association (PSSA).

“Barrier PSSA and West Darling both have a wide range of sports that we donate to,” says Mr Clarke.

The Outback Emus hold many fundraising events.

The main one being the Broken Hill Outback Emus Annual Charity Golf Day.

It’s the biggest fundraiser they have and along with the Melbourne Cup ticket raffle, it’s where rthe organisation gets much of its funding.

And come October, it’ll be time to pull the dusty old clubs out of the shed and get down to the Broken Hill Golf and Country Club to support this fantastic charity, which is a life blood for junior sports in the area.

To make sure you’re there, call the golf club and reserve your place today on 8087 9099

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