Opera house nets a thing of the past

Yabbying with opera house nets should well and truly be a thing of the past in the Far West.

With water in the Anabranch and plenty around Menindee we need to remember that fines will be given if you are found using the banned enclosed nets.

NSW followed other Australian States in banning the nets due to non-target air breathing animals being caught in them.

In the Far West this would specifically be turtles, that once trapped, would not be able to surface for air.

The approved eco nets are drop nets and pyramid nets which are open at the top.

Commercial Fishers are permitted to use 100 opera house nets with bi catch reduction devices that stop the non-targeted animals from being caught.

A non commercial fisher person who was found fishing with 97 opera nets in the region was fined $110,000 last year.

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